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The Coffee Gallery works very closely with the best juice bar in LA, Naturewell. As a party of our family, they offer a fun option when looking for fresh squeezed juice to help with your diet, even while on lockdown.  There is lots of fitness inspiration when you are in LA so there is no need to worry about taking time out of your health regime as you can ,make the most out of your daily exercise allowance.

Naturewell is a company that has a lot of experience in the city’s nutritional catering industry and we understand what food lovers want quality juices and smoothies while on lockdown. By choosing to retake a walk or a job past out Silverlake store you can enjoy a cold-press drink or smoothie to keep your immune system the best that it can be.

How Smoothies Boost your Immune System

Smoothies help to keep your immune by:

They contain lots of vitamins—including vitamin D which is important for respiratory function and vitamin C to help fight colds and viruses, such as flu and Coronavirus

They contain antioxidants—to help fight free radicals and toxins in the body

They contain protein—to keep the body strong as protein is needed for muscle growth

They contain minerals—such as iron to allow the blood to flow around the body effectively

They contain fiber—to aid digestion and improve gut health

They contain superfoods—such as turmeric and ginger that can help reduce inflammation

If you want to enjoy these benefits during the current COVID-19 pandemic call Naturewell Juice bar Silverlake today and arrange for you to pick up an immune-boosting smoothie.

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