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It’s easy to understate the importance of comfort when it comes to coffee houses. After all, the image of the busy office worker buying a coffee on their way to the office and drinking in on the go is still present in pop culture.

However, times are changing and more and more people are choosing coffee houses that offer more than good coffee and speedy service; Gone are the days of drinking coffee purely as a way to stay awake. Now coffee is experienced and it’s often the centerpiece of a social gathering.

Because of this, finding a coffee shop that’s both welcoming and good is akin to finding a caffeinated oasis, and that’s exactly what Coffee Gallery is, a comfortable and welcoming coffee shop that also offers great coffee, great food and great service.

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With spacious indoor seating area with large tables and a roomy and picturesque outdoor sitting area perfect for people watching, Coffee Gallery has something for all, a philosophy that extends not only to its seating arrangements but also to the variety of its menu.

With a variety of salty and sweet options, there’s something for everyone and, since all the items on the menu are made to order, personalizing them to fit specific dietary needs is easy to do!

Veggie wraps and salad bowls perfect for vegetarians; delicious pressed paninis made with top-quality ingredients and Boar’s Head deli meats; freshly made Belgian waffles; local hand-crafted Fosselman’s ice cream flavors. No one will be left out.

Modern and comfortable, Coffee Gallery is, without a doubt, one of the best coffee shops in Glendale. Thanks in no small part to its accessible and accommodating installations but also to its serious approach to coffee culture.

Committed to mix years of experience in North Carolina with Glendale’s thriving community, Coffee Gallery is not only one of the best places to drink coffee in Glendale but also one of the best places to study, work, go on a date or simply chill.

If you find yourself thinking “is there a gourmet coffee shop near me” every time you hit the street, look no further. Coffee Gallery is committed to embracing Glendale’s thriving community and innovative spirit by creating a space designed for people of all walks of life. A place where you can come and feel like part of something, all while enjoying the best coffee beans North Carolina has to offer.


The welcoming ambient, the top quality food, the fantastic service, the comfortable seating and the delicious coffee make Coffee Gallery not only one of the best coffee shops with outdoor seating in Glendale but one of the best coffee shops around. Period.

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