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There’s no separating long study sessions from steaming cups of coffee and why should we even try? Coffee has been proved to help with concentration, so looking for the best coffee shop in Pasadena and taking refugee there for hours is far from a fickle choice.

It’s a battle plan.

If you’re looking for the kind of coffee shop that offers both good coffee, good service, delicious food and comfortable installations, then look no further, because Coffee Gallery has all of that and then some.

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Committed to mix years of experience in North Carolina with Pasadena’s thriving community, Coffee Gallery is not only one of the best places to drink coffee in Pasadena but also one of the best places to study.

With roomy installations that feature both an indoor and an outdoor space, Coffee Gallery offers an eclectic space that’s suitable for people from all walks of life. From families looking to enjoy our freshly made waffles, office workers seeking a moment of peace from a busy week or students looking for a place to hunker down and get things done, this coffee shop has something for all.

What makes Coffee Gallery one of the best coffee shops to study in Pasadena? Large tables, comfortable indoor and outdoor sitting options and, more importantly, great coffee, great food and great service.

Bring a book to read while your deli sandwich is made and enjoy not only Boar Head’s deli meats but sauces as well; Bring your laptop to take advantage of the on site free wi-fi and enjoy locally roasted coffee; Bring your whole study team and start brainstorming. Don’t worry about accommodating your classmates tastes or dietary needs. Coffee Gallery has you covered.

Veggie panini wraps made with organic ingredients, salad bowls made with the vegan crowd in mind, pressed paninis made with top-quality ingredients and even Boar’s Head all natural soups, there’s plenty to choose from! No one will be left out thanks to Coffee Gallery’s wide arrange of food options, and if you’re looking for sweet treats, you’re in luck because the menu not only includes freshly made Belgian waffles but also various local hand-crafted Fosselman’s ice cream flavors.


Whether you’re looking for a comfortable place to study, a store to get delicious food on your lunch break, a perfect coffee shop for your newest date or a nice destination for your latest family outing, rest assured that Coffee Gallery welcomes people from all walks of life, all while providing great coffee, great food and great service.

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