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Most of us today live a stressful life, as we try to balance work, family, relationships, career pressures, social life and so much more. More often than not, our body is tired and wants to take a break. Unfortunately, body lets us down right when we are at work, especially after lunch. This post-lunch session can be quite a hassle to manage.

The good news though is that “coffee effect” can help to combat this problem.

So, what really is “coffee effect?”

It is nothing but simply packing your laptop and heading to the local coffee shop nearby to continue your work.

What difference does this make to your productivity? When you drink a cup of your favorite coffee, it cranks you up and keeps your brain charged.

Research has time and again showed the health benefits of coffee.  It has proved that coffee increases energy. The caffeine present in coffee increases energy metabolism throughout the body and mind. At the same time, it improves lung function and the overall oxygen intake, resulting in higher metabolic activity for the body. All this means, when you drink a cup of coffee, you’ll not feel sleepy and would be all set to take on the world.

Now, you can argue that having a cup of coffee right in your office should give the same effect. Though theoretically it is true, it is not the same at a practical level. When you head out to a gourmet coffee shop, the walk and fresh air can rejuvenate your body and mind. Next, the whole atmosphere of any local coffee shop is much different from your office. It is more lively, you get to see more people and just the change in surroundings can do a world of good for your mind.

Finally, you get to have the best espresso coffee. You don’t have to drink the coffee that’s available in your office, rather you can choose your favorite coffee beans, get them ground fresh and have a hot cuppa to instantly boost your brain and emotion. Plus, you can add a coffee treat to go with your coffee to complete the entire experience.

All these aspects enhance your brain and you will end up being way more productive than just sitting in your desk and looking to get some work through the day.

In short, “coffee effect” is sure to make you highly productive, especially during those post-afternoon sessions at work.

Why don’t you try it for yourself to make the most of this “coffee effect?”

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