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If you have been to Coffee Gallery Backstage, brainchild of the wonderful Bob Stane, you will have smelt our wonderful waffles as you make your way to your gig. The next time you are in the area for a gig why not arrive a little earlier so that you can have a coffee and a waffle to warm you up for all that lovely music you are about to listen to.

Counter Coffee

You can enjoy your waffles with your favorite toppings, blueberry and cream is a current favorite, with a freshly-brewed coffee made with Counter Coffee beans. Just as Coffee Gallery Backstage pride themselves son delivering the best quality music acts in Pasadena, The Coffee Gallery love serving the best quality coffee in LA.

You can enjoy a wide variety of lattes and frappuccinos or you can keep it simple with an Americano or a flat white.

Serving Until Late

We know that some of you hardcore music lovers like to stay out late so we do too! You can pop in and out of the gig for a drink to cool you down, or keep you going strong, or you can wind down at the end of the night before you head home. We would love to hear all about the show that you have watched as we like to chat with all of you lovely music lovers.

With lots of exciting gigs coming this month, including intimate recitals, storytelling sessions, and foot-tapping folk shows, there is something for everyone at Coffee Gallery Backstage. Don’t forget to come and say hello to The Coffee Gallery team on your way through.

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