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If you’ve ever thought working around the clock is going to make you productive, think again, because the more you work, the more exhausted your brain is going to get. Just like how feeling thirsty is your body’s way of begging for water, breaks are your brain’s way of begging for some downtime.

In fact, there are many benefits from taking a break, even in the middle of the day, just to give your brain a break and to rejuvenate it.

Many studies show that “brain breaks” are essential for a balanced emotional health and a strong desire to go above and beyond your capabilities.

The best way to give that brain break is to walk down to a local coffee shop nearby and order your favorite cup of coffee. The physical activity as well as the fresh air can do a world of good to your mental and emotional health, while the fresh cup of coffee can help you enjoy the small pleasures in life!

Many coffee shops in Pasadena, CA allow you to choose the coffee bean you want. Right there, they will ground the bean and brew it fresh for you. The aroma of the fresh ground beans and the brew can simply transport you to a different world. It will take away all your stress and is sure to bring a big smile on your face.

Pair your coffee with the right sweet treat for a little bit of extra happiness as well.

As you sip through your gourmet coffee, your mind will get relaxed and you may just get the perfect solution for the problem that has been nagging you all through the day. Research as well as practical experience will tell you that you get the best solutions when your mind is relaxed, and a coffee break will give you exactly that.

 In short, a coffee break is sure to do wonders for your brain, emotional health and your overall mood. So, when you’re in the middle of a problem at work or when you’re not able to get a hang of something, just walk to a local coffee shop and rejuvenate yourself with your favorite cup!

Choose from your favorite coffee beans, get it ground and brewed fresh for you. The warm smell of coffee coupled with the right pairing is sure to bring a smile on your face.

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