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If you are a coffee lover and you are worried if you are drinking too much, try not to listen to the scare stories that you see in the media. Yes, too much coffee may be bad for you, especially if you are pregnant, but it does have its benefits. When it comes to most foods, research shows that consuming in moderation is the key, which is the case with coffee.

If you like your coffee strong, take a look at these benefits of drinking espresso:

  1. It can lower your risk of stroke

Studies have shown that drinking strong coffee can reduce the risk of stroke, especially in women.

2. It can boost your memory

Research has shown that coffee can improve our long-term memory as it helps us store information. This means that drinking a moderate amount of coffee ahead of an important exam can boost your recall.

3. It improves concentration

Coffee can provide a much-needed energy boost when you are struggling to get your work done, especially in the morning!

4. It can boost your physical performance

A surge in energy that you can get from drinking coffee can enhance your performance, especially when it comes to sports. While you need to be careful not to exert yourself too much, a shot of coffee before exercise can boost your adrenaline.

5. It is high in antioxidants

Coffee contains polyphenols which work to help cells recover from injury and illness and can boost your immune system.

As well as all of these great benefits for the body and mind, espresso also tastes great, especially when made with specialty coffee.

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