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Just like organic fruits and vegetables, organic coffee is pesticide free which means it is better for your health. Not only is chemical-free coffee better for your health it also tastes much better.

If you are thinking of changing to organic coffee, take a look at the following benefits it can bring:

Organic coffee is more nutritious

The soil in which organic coffee is grown is naturally more nutritious which means that the coffee beans are super nutritious too!

Organic coffee is high in antioxidants

Coffee contains antioxidants, in fact, it contains more antioxidants than green tea, which is good for our health. Antioxidants help to reduce inflammation and boost our immune system which means fewer colds, sore joints, infections.

Organic coffee can help you lose weight

As coffee boosts metabolism and makes you more alert it is possible that it can help you lose weight. As you drink coffee, your hunger is satisfied so you are less tempted to snack throughout the day than when you don’t drink coffee.

Organic coffee is better for the environment

Organic and sustainable coffee has less of an impact on the environment as ethical plantation is practiced and there is less chemicals used to grow it. Sustainable growers, such as Counter Culture coffee work with local communities to ensure that strong relationships are built and there are no negative impacts on local land.

Organic coffee tastes better

Yes, we know that we have already said this, but the main benefit of choosing organic is that the taste is much richer. A lack of chemicals means that the taste is smoother and more refined.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of coffee in a relaxing environment come and visit The Coffee Gallery to taste our freshly prepared menu.

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