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First off, the word organic is synonymous with nature and natural. When you say “organic coffee”, it is nothing but coffee produced without the use of artificial chemicals as pesticides.  Now here is a key aspect to note.  Organic coffee is not devoid of pesticides, rather the pesticides that are used are natural and not synthetic. For example, neem oil is a good pesticide and plantations that use this oil to eradicate pests are organic. But in most cases, organic coffee growers do not need pesticides at all because the plantations tend to be located in higher elevation that is not conducive for pests to thrive or they are located between sparsely populated rainforests that are also not the best places for pests to live.

Secondly, there is a misconception that organic coffee tends to taste better than non-organic coffee. Unfortunately, that’s not true as the quality and taste of coffee depends on factors such as soil, harvest, elevation, roasting technique and so much more, and not just on the type of pesticides used. This means, organic coffee may not always taste better, though it is best for your health.

Another aspect that distinguishes organic coffee is that they are roasted separately in certified roasters.  Even if a farm sells both organic and non-organic coffee, they are roasted separately and in different roasters. If the same roaster is used, then it has to be cleaned for the coffee to get an organic certification. This process is to ensure that organic and non-organic coffee do not get mixed even by accident during the roasting process.

Likewise, organic coffee should be ground and brewed in separate machines. In fact, the best coffee shops have a separate grinder and brewer for organic coffee, so the painstaking process of separation done by the coffee grows continues at the shop too, so you get to have the best organic coffee possible.  Many gourmet coffee shops also brew organic coffee to meet the unique needs of its customers.

In short, the best organic coffee depends on a host of factors including the location of the plantation and the care given by growers. When this organic coffee ships to local coffee shops nearby, this is ground and brewed separately, so the goodness and health benefits reach you completely.  A lot of time and effort is involved in creating a cup of organic coffee, so little wonder that it is sure to taste great and give a ton of benefits for your health as well.

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