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Whether you drink coffee at home or you like to head to your favorite LA coffee shop, there are lots of new flavors that are trending this year. If you fancy trying something different to your usual boutique coffee, take a look at these 5 unusual coffee flavors to tickle your tastebuds.

Turmeric Latte

You can elevate your daily latte with one of the most talked about ingredients of the last couple of years, turmeric. Turmeric is a great antioxidant and has natural anti-inflammatory properties which means it is great for reducing joint pain and boosting the immune system. As well as being great for our health, turmeric adds a rich warmth to lattes and offers the perfect pick me up after a busy morning.

Iced Rose Latte

A latte is still a great choice during summer, you just need to add ice! A middle-eastern inspired rose iced latte is the perfect fragrant pick me up during those long, hot days.

Coffee Milk Shake

A coffee milkshake is a fun way to get your caffeine fix and stay cool at the same time. You can choose from any flavor you like, whether it is salted caramel or hazelnut chocolate, mmmm.

Iced Coffee Slush

Who said slushies are just for kids? This grown up espresso based drink will take the heat off during stressful summer days.

Cold Coffee with Cream

Simple, yet delicious, a cold coffee with cream offers a touch of indulgence alongside a string caffeine hit to get you through the day.

To enjoy these great boutique coffee ideas head to The Coffee Gallery-the best coffee shop LA has to offer, today and we will fire up the grinder.

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