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You will have heard of craft beer and craft gin, but have you heard of craft coffee? Craft is the art of using special skills to make a product or sell a service that is unique and offers something different to the norm. Similar to craft beers and gins, craft coffee is often made by small business who carry out a lot of research into the coffee industry to offer people something different.

LA Coffee

Like most food and drink in LA, coffee comes highly regarded and coffee lovers in the city know exactly what they want. They also know what they don’t want—the same old coffee that they were drinking 10 years ago. The rise in craft coffee has kept the industry on their toes which means that you are never short of a great cup of coffee in LA.

The Coffee Gallery

The Coffee Gallery uses Counter Culture coffee for our fresh brew as it has a deep, rich, and intense flavor that keeps our customers coming back for more. When it comes to coffee as a craft, it is not all about the taste. The skill that goes into making a good cup of coffee requires a lot of practice. The team at The Coffee Gallery has many years of experience in the coffee industry and our expert baristas are here to make the best cup of coffee that you will taste in the Pasadena area. If you have a new idea or have seen a trend in other cities, let us know and we can try and replicate it!

To enjoy the best craft coffee in LA, head to The Coffee Gallery today.

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