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Coffee is an integral part of work and often goes along with a laptop. If you’re lucky, a lid can help to reduce the flow of coffee on your keyboard. Otherwise, coffee lovers like you  have to learn to handle it because it happens more often than we imagine.

First off, coffee has many acidic ingredients. Milk proteins, sugar or other forms of artificial sweeteners, chocolate syrup, caramel sauce and the coffee itself – can corrode the keys and the base if they’re not cleaned right away.

You’ll have to make sure they’re removed from the gaps between keys to prevent any kind of damage to your laptop.

If coffee is flowing down your laptop, shut it down immediately and unplug the cord. Also, remove any external devices attached to it. If your laptop model has a removable battery, make sure to get that out too. This is necessary to avoid any electrical shorting.

Another reason is switching off your computer may make it easy to move it around. If you have coffee running down your laptop, tilt it downwards to drain the excess liquid from it. Next, mop up the remaining coffee with an absorbent towel. While doing this, it is better to blot than wipe down as the former is more effective and prevents coffee from spreading to other areas.

Once you’re done with the first round of cleaning, check to see the amount of liquid present in it. If only small amounts of coffee remain, simply dry it upside down overnight until all the liquid has come out.  You can turn on the laptop after a few hours or after all the liquid has come out.

In case, you has mixed some alcohol with coffee or if there are any complex blends of different liquids, take it to a computer repair shop right away for a professional clean.  Most places would take apart the laptop, and remove the sticky liquid and reassemble it with the same parts. In case, any part is damaged, that will be replaced as well.

With this, your laptop should be good to use again.

One option is to use plastic covering, especially if you plan to visit the local coffee shop nearby your workplace because while sipping a great cup of coffee, you tend to forget the world around you!

To conclude, be ready to wipe out coffee spills and pours with the right techniques.  Do you have any other suggestions? Please let us know.

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