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The taste of coffee varies widely, and depends on a host of factors such as the origin of the bean, blends, brewing process and so much more. The health benefits of coffee has been proved by many studies conducted researchers around the world, and this means, we can enjoy the coffee flavor we like and at the same time, get its benefits.

So, here is a look at some of the most popular types of coffee in the world.

Cafe Americano

This is a popular type of coffee because it is quick and easy to make. Simply add a cup of hot water to the best espresso coffee and you have Caffe Americano! This coffee is believed to have its origins in the Second World War to make their coffee last longer. Of course, this was later adopted by many local coffee shops across America, and the people have come to enjoy this mild flavor.

Cafe Latte

This is a coffee that is found in almost every coffee shop in the world. It comprises of steamed milk and a shot of coffee to give a milky and frothy texture. The taste is also mild and is not too bitter.


Another widely popular type of coffee is cappuccino. It consists of three layers. The bottom layer is a shot of espresso, the middle layer is a shot of steamed milk and the top layer is barista. Some independent coffee shops also prefer to add a bit of coffee powder or chocolate shavings to enhance its flavor. This combination gives cappuccino a foamy milky flavor. It has its origins in Italy, where it continues to be a breakfast beverage.


Espressos give you the purest coffee drinking experience because well, it is just coffee and water. No additional items such as milk or sweeteners are added to it. Though brewing this coffee may sound simple because most people think that all that you have to do is add hot water to coffee powder, in reality, it is complex. The temperature of water, coffee powder and the speed at which you brew makes a difference in the final flavor. You can find the best espresso coffee in the best coffee shops in Pasadena.

In short, there are wide range of coffees based on how you brew and what you add.

So, which of these coffee type is your favorite? Let us know if you have other favorites too.

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