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From cappuccinos to macchiatos, there is a lot of thought that goes in to creating new styles of coffee for an every demanding army of fans. People cannot get enough of coffee which means that coffee shops and baristas are always working to up their game and satisfy their customers.

Coffee may seem simple but, if you have ever tried to make homemade lattes, you will know that there is an art to it. As we are always searching for a coffee that truly satisfies, coffee shops, including the team at The Coffee Gallery will go the extra mile to keep a smile on customer’s faces.

The keys to a great cup of coffee include:

Good froth and bubbles—when you order a cappuccino or a latte you expect that creamy topping that you see on the menu, not a limp cup of coffee that looks like something you can make at home yourself

Good Quality Coffee—Sustainable coffee that is ethically sourced and expertly roasted tastes a million times better than any run of the mill coffee. Counter Culture coffee is the boutique coffee of choice here at The Coffee Gallery as we cannot get enough of the rich taste that it offers.

While the most important aspect of coffee is the taste, when it is carefully prepared and artfully served with creative designs it looks much more appealing. Great coffee always tastes better when served with fresh breakfasts, pastries, and cakes, all of which we have in abundance at The Coffee Gallery.

To enjoy the best coffee in LA from a team that appreciate the art of coffee, The Coffee Gallery awaits you.

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