Altadena. California 91001



Airbnb stays are as popular as ever as it gives tourists the chance to explore places as if they were a resident. With an Airbnb you are not tied to breakfast hotel times as you can eat in at your own pace or use the money that you save on hotels to eat out at local restaurants, coffee shops, and brunch bars.

The Coffee Gallery—The Best Coffee Shop in LA

The Coffee Gallery hasa unique selection of boutique coffees on offer for LA residents and tourists alike. Our Counter Culture coffee is served in many ways, depending on your taste. Whether you like classic Americanos or delicious iced rose lattes, there is something for everyone who visits the Altadena area. Simply pop out from your hotel or LA Airbnb and we will have your coffee ready and waiting.

A Fulfilling Menu

As the best coffee shop LA has to offer, The Coffee Gallery should be the first place to check out when looking for a great breakfast or brunch to accompany your coffee. Altadena is blessed with great restaurants, bars, and food trucks and you can anything from waffles to hotdogs in this great town. Head to The Coffee Galley and you can look forward to everything from berries and oatmeal in the morning to late night coffee and muffins.

To enjoy a fresh and tasty brunch during your Los Angeles stay, head to The Coffee Gallery where you will experience a warm welcome and an excellent cup of coffee.

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